About the Project

According to accepted estimates, Global sea level has risen approximately 18 centimeters (7.1 inches) in the past century. Climate models predict an additional rise of 48 cm (18.9 in.) by 2100 which is more than double the rate of rise for the 20th century.

This project aims to bring local attention to the global impact of sea level rise and resulting degradation of shorelines, 38 signs will be posted on popular beach sites throughout Cape Cod and the Islands.  The signs will indicate where the projected mean high tide mark is estimated to be on that beach 38 years from now (in 2050).  Each of the 18" x12" painted aluminum signs will be set in highly visible locations on 38 public and residental beaches. The sign will depicting three "hurricane proof" stilt houses and bear the textual statement: "MEAN HIGH TIDE 2050" with a red arrow pointing down to the 2050 estimated high tide mark. The sign will carry a web address, www.hightide2050.com  linking it to a website with additional content regarding sea level rise and climate change information as well as other links.

For many (like myself), the beaches of Cape and the Islands are places filled with profound personal associations and memories.  Placing signs in these beautiful settings connects a large number of people with a grounded sense of the sand that might be lost under their feet due to global climate change. It would associate a beloved place with a call for action. 

About the Artist

Bradford Johnson